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Time, Talent, Treasure—Advancing the Mission


The staff at Manresa sincerely appreciates the assistance and support from all of our volunteers—whether it’s for a day, on a weekly basis or during the months leading up to a special event. We thank our volunteers with a Donor and Volunteer Appreciation Mass and Dinner in the fall and with our constant prayers of thanksgiving.

Manresa’s staff, ministerial and administrative, is affordably lean, but only because the house is blessed by its lay volunteers, who offer their many skills and talents throughout the year. Everything from maintaining the library and addressing thank-you notes, to grounds cleaning and planting, to service at Mass, to sewing the vestments, to providing flora for the altar—all this and more is provided by the commitment of Manresa’s volunteers.

Our acts of unselfish giving break forth in new praise.
Our acts of unselfish giving break forth in new praise.

Some events require more organization, such as The Spirit of Manresa Gala. Chairs may oversee various standing committees to provide a more focused approach for these events. But as anyone who has stepped up to help will affirm, meeting new people, accomplishing something worthwhile and serving Manresa and its Mission are all significant benefits.

Standing Committees

  • Garden Gang: Ann Wiacek, Anne Marie Monette and Petrina Biondo
  • Interior Floral Maintenance: Helen Joo, Chair
  • Fall and Spring Outside Grounds Work: Peter Luyckx
  • Special Events : Sally Janecek
  • Administration: Ruth Ann Stevens

Special Committees

  • Open House: Preparation includes decoration, floral and lighting, tour guides and special services; Jerry and Carole Sugrue are chairs.
  • The Spirit of Manresa Event: Preparation may include auction acquisitions, raffle organization, invitation design and mailings, decorating and many different jobs at the event.
  • Concert Series: Patricia Seibold serves as chair.

~ by Sally Janecek

To learn more about Manresa’s family of volunteers contact Sally Janecek at 248.644.4933 Ext.110 or e-mail sjanecek@manresa-sj.net.