The Spiritual Exercises

in the Art of the Vatican


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7 January  to 14 April 2020


Our Praying with Art Series this semester is based on Fr. Mark Haydu’s book, Meditations on Vatican Art.  He has selected and arranged 30 paintings to illustrate and lead us through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. We have selected 30 additional Vatican paintings, so we can develop more fully our prayerful consideration of the Exercises.  The book is recommended but not required. Join us to appreciate the art and to pray with it as well.



Fr. Peter Fennessy, SJ, long-time member of the Manresa ministerial team, and
Ms Carole Sugrue, docent at the Detroit Institute of Arts for 33 years.

Dates and Times:
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM on Tuesday evenings:


Session Date Subjects Suggested Reading
1  January 7  Introduction & First Principle  Haydu, pp 1 – 37 and
First Principle & Foundation
2  January 21  Week 1: Sin  Haydu, pp. 38 – 51, 58 – 71
3  February 4  Week 1: Forgiveness  Haydu, pp. 52 – 57, 72 – 78
4  February 18  Week 2: Early Life of Christ  Haydu, pp. 79 – 114, 120 – 125
5  March 3  Week 2: Public Life of Christ  Haydu, pp. 115 – 119, 126 – 137
6  March 24  Week 3: Passion & Death  Haydu, pp. 138 – 180
7  April 14   Week 4: Resurrection  Haydu, pp. 181 – 202
8  [April 28]   [Make up day]

Session 4 — Second Week — The Beginnings
Pray over before March 3

Handout for Week Two

Antonio Allegri (Correggio), Christ the Redeemer (1526 – 1530),
oil on canvas, 41.3 × 38.5 inches, Pinacoteca, Room IX.

+Simone Martini, Christ the Redeemer Conferring a Blessing (1315-1320),
tempera on wood panel, 15.1 x 11.2 inches, Pinacoteca, Room II.

Federico Fiori (Barocci), Annunciation (1582-84),
oil on wood transferred onto canvas, 97.6 x 66.9 inches, Pinacoteca, Room XI.

+Federico Fiori (Barocci), Annunciation (1592-96),
oil on canvas, Santa Maria degli Angeli, Perugia, Italy.

+Giovanni di Paolo, detail of The Annunciation (1445),
tempera on wood, Pinacoteca, Room II.

+Bernadino di Betto (Pinturicchio), The Visitation (1492-1494),
fresco, Room of Saints, Borgia Apartments, Apostolic Palace.

+Florentine School (1400-1450), The Visitation (detail) (1400-1450),
tempera on wood panel, original: 11 x 13.6 inches, Pinacoteca, Room V.

Bernadino di Betto (Pinturicchio), The Nativity (1498),
fresco, Room of Mysteries.

Federico Fiori (Barocci), Rest on the Flight to Egypt (1570),
oil on canvas, 52.4 x 3.3 inches, Pinacoteca, Room XI.

+Maurice Denis, Nazareth (1905),
oil on canvas, 44.9 x 63.8 inches, Collection of Contemporary Art.

Pietro Perugino and his workshop, Baptism of Christ (ca. 1482),
fresco, 132 × 210 inches, Sistine Chapel.

Pietro Perugino and his workshop, detail of Baptism of Christ (ca. 1482),
fresco, Sistine Chapel.

+Sandro Botticelli, Temptations of Christ (1480–1482),
fresco, 136 × 219 inches, Sistine Chapel.

+Sandro Botticelli, detail from Temptations of Christ: the first temptation (1480–1482),
fresco, Sistine Chapel.

+Sandro Botticelli, detail from Temptations of Christ: the second temptation (1480–1482),
fresco, Sistine Chapel.

+Sandro Botticelli, detail from Temptations of Christ: the third temptation (1480–1482),
fresco, Sistine Chapel.

Nicolas Poussin, Martyrdom of St. Erasmus (1628-1629),
oil on canvas, 126 x 73.2 inches, Pinacoteca, Room XII.

Session 5 — Second Week — The Public Life
Review, if you wish, before March 3

Domenico Ghirlandaio, Vocation of the Apostles (1481-1482),
fresco, 137 × 220 inches, Sistine Chapel, Rome.

Domenico Ghirlandaio, detail from Vocation of the Apostles (1481-1482),
fresco, Sistine Chapel, Rome.

+Cosimo Rosselli, The Sermon on the Mount and Healing of the Leper (1481-1482),
fresco, 137.4 x 224.4 inches, Sistine Chapel.

+Cosimo Rosselli, detail from The Sermon on the Mount and Healing of the Leper (1481-1482),
fresco, Sistine Chapel.

Unknown artist, Christ Healing Woman with an Issue of Blood (325-350),
detail of a marble sarcophagus from the Calixtus Cemetery, Pio-Christian Museum.

Unknown artist, Christ Healing the Blind Man (c. 310-320),
detail of the marble Sarcophagus of Sabinus, Pio-Christian Museum.
[This is not the Dogmatic Sarcophagus for which see here.]

+Unknown artist, Cana, the Blind Man, Multiplication of Loaves, & the Resurrection of Lazarus (c. 310-320), detail of the marble Sarcophagus of Sabinus, Pio-Christian Museum.

Raffaello Sanzio, detail from The Transfiguration (1516-1520),
egg tempera on wood, Pinacoteca, Room VIII.

+Pietro Perugino, Christ Giving the Keys to St. Peter (1481–1482),
fresco, 130 × 220 inches, Sistine Chapel.

+Giotto di Bondone, Navicella (or St. Peter walking on the Sea of Galilee) (1298, heavily reconstructed in 1675),
mosaic, original size: 31 × 43 feet, St. Peter’s Basilica.

+Francesco Berretta & Guido Ubaldo Abbatini, Baroque copy of Bondone’s Navicella (1628/1649),
oil on canvas, 24.3 x 32.5 feet, Fabbrica di San Pietro, Rome.

+Giorgio de Chirico, Christ and the Storm (1945),
oil on canvas, Collection of Contemporary Art.

+ Luca di Tommè, The Raising of Lazarus (before 1362),
oil on wood panel, 20.5 x 15.4 inches, Pinacoteca, Room II.