Lay Retreatants League

The Lay Retreatants League


The Manresa Lay Retreatants League was formed for retreatants who are already coming to Manresa for spiritual nourishment to live out God’s mission for their lives. It takes personal cultivation to be able to hear His message to us. Prayer, spiritual reading, guidance, reflection and the tools St. Ignatius left in his Exercises are all stepping stones along the path.

Membership in the League will join you to many in Manresa’s history who built a legacy of communing with God on the corner of Quarton and Woodward. In a talk given at the 2009 Spirit of Manresa Dinner Fr. Gregory Hyde, SJ talked about the “fire that kindles other fires.” A fire consumes.

At some point in our lives we realize that there is more for us to do than to simply exist. There are contributions we can make to ourselves and others which are governed by what God wants from us, that is, our purpose in the creative process. The Holy Spirit is the Person who brings it about by kindling a passion in us.

The Lay Retreatants League is a path that allows the Holy Spirit to work specifically in our lives, deepening our commitment to Christ and answering an invitation to help others discover the same thing.

Members are asked to do two important tasks:

  • – Promote retreat attendance by bringing one new person to a retreat each year
  • – Pray for the retreatants and the retreat director each Friday during the year

Aside from the spiritual gains of being a Lay Retreatant League member, other benefits include:

  • – Attending a Sunday afternoon of reflection without cost, to help cultivate your retreat experience
  • – Using a 10% discount on all books and music in Manresa’s bookstore, to add to your personal spiritual resources
  • – Increased contact with the spiritual tools available at Manresa, to assist you on your spiritual path, deepening prayer and personal discovery that indeed “God is in all things.”

“Come and see…” the Lord said. We invite you to do the same. Join with others who are hearing God’s call to be consumed with the zeal of his love. What Manresa will look like years from now will be built upon the continuing foundation we contribute today. Join those committed to the next generation of retreatants.

You can join simply by filling out the form below or by calling the Front Office (248.644.4933). Annual dues are $30, renewable on your birthday. If you are over 65 or attended 15 retreats, dues are only $20. If you have attended 25 retreats or more, dues are reduced to only $15.

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