Administration & Support Staff

Our Administration and Support Staff

Fr. Francis Daly, SJ :

Fr. Francis Daly, SJ
Executive Director

Mr. Steve Raymond :

Mr. Steve Raymond
Associate Director

Mr. Tom Hurley :
Ms. Ruth Ann Stevens :

Ms. Ruth Ann Stevens
Business Manager

Ms. Anne Smith :

Ms. Anne Smith
Publications Coordinator/Editor

Ms. Ann Dillon :

Ms. Ann Dillon
Director of Ignatian Formation

Sharon Snyder :

Ms. Sharon Snyder
Director of Advancement

Ms. Sharon Tomkowiak :

Ms. Sharon Tomkowiak
Secretary and Record-keeper

Ms. Jenny Chapman :

Ms. Jenny Chapman
Secretary and Receptionist

Ms. Karen Pick :

Ms. Karen Pick
Karen is on hand to welcome retreatants on their arrival
and handles some housekeeping duties.

Ms. Kristine Strickland :

Ms. Kristine Strickland
Leader of Housekeeping

Ms. Cheryl Booker :

Ms. Cheryl Booker

Ms. Dee Dee Oddo :

Ms. Dee Dee Oddo

Mr. Peter Luyckx :

Mr. Peter Luyckx
Maintenance and Grounds

Mr. David Morgan :

Mr. David Morgan
Maintenance and Grounds

Paul Seibold :

Paul Seibold
Publications/Publicity Associate

Ms. Rhonda Brown :

Ms. Rhonda Brown
Leader of Food Services

Violet A. Mercado :

Ms. Violet A. Mercado
Software Specialist

Karen Wilson :

Ms. Karen Wilson
Coordinator of Events & Volunteers