How You Can Help

Pray for Us


Rainy Day on the Rouge River
(as it runs through Manresa’s grounds)
an oil painting by Ronald R. Parry
[click image for other “Manresa” art]


Manresa is a spiritual undertaking which will succeed or fail depending upon the will and help of God, and so your prayers for us and our work are of the greatest importance. Your moral encouragement and support also sustains us and for that we are most grateful. Your word of mouth reports are the best advertising and the way of recruiting available. People come to Manresa because you have shared with them your own good experiences here and have passed on the invitation, “Come and see.” For all of that our many thanks.


Members of the Manresa Retreatants League try to bring a friend with them on their annual retreat. You might do the same. Or just spread the good word among those you know; tell them of the blessings you have found here.

Give a Gift of Manresa to Others

Did you ever think of giving a Gift Retreat at Manresa to someone? Perhaps on the occasion of a birthday or an anniversary, it would be a nice thing to do for some member of your family or a friend. Call Manresa’s office if you wish to obtain a “retreat gift card” that may prove helpful.

If you ever want to offer a gift to your pastor, a priest, or someone who works in your parish, why not offer a Gift Day at Manresa? This would cost $40 and include a private room, along with lunch and dinner. Such a gift would also have the advantage of familiarizing them with Manresa and what Manresa has to offer.

Or you can give someone a Gift Certificate for the Book Store, which has a wide selection of spiritual and religious books. It would be applicable as well to items in our gift shop: T-shirts, sweat shirts, mugs, caps, etc.

Manresa invites you to join its growing family of volunteers. Age is no barrier and the opportunities are unlimited. Opportunities to serve are many and diverse:

event planning
work on the Gala
or any other event
stuff envelops
write thank you notes
tour guides
house maintenance
and much more

If you have the time to spare and the love to share, let us know. If you have a talent that can be used here to help others, let us know. Drop a line or give a call.

Make a Donation Right Now


Or Join

The Manresa Legacy Society
“Discover the Benefits of Planned Giving”

Retreatants and friends of Manresa can make gifts through their estate or other planned giving arrangements. These gifts will help ensure that Manresa Jesuit Retreat House continues to be a special place and refreshing source of Jesuit spirituality (rejuvenation, guidance, teaching, and comfort) for thousands of Christians from all walks of life.

The Manresa Legacy Society supports the Fr. John A. McGrail Fund the purpose of which is to provide the financial support for Manresa’s daily operations while building a solid financial foundation for Manresa’s generations to come. Legacy gifts include bequests given by will or trust, or making Manresa a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, retirement account (IRA, 401K, etc.) or a charitable gift annuity. It could even be a gift of real estate. If you want to help Manresa by making a legacy gift like these, you may contact Fr. Fran Daly, SJ , Manresa’s Director, by phone (248.644.4933), or by e-mail (fdaly@manresa-sj.net), or just send you name and phone number to Fr. Daly and he will get back to you.