The Seminar in Ignatian Spirituality
Mini-Course 5
Ignatian Discipleship

April 20-21, 2018

A Painting of St. Ignatius Loyola

The fifth mini-course of the Seminar in Ignatian Spirituality is a consideration of Ignatian Discipleship.  This two-day workshop is offered beginning Friday evening, April 20 through Saturday afternoon, April 21, 2018.  The cost for the mini-course is $120.


At the conclusion of this module, participants…
1. Should be able to describe the role of the Spirit in the life of the Church and the lives of individuals,
2. Should be able to articulate a sense of vocation and the contexts in which it is lived,
3. Should be able to recognize the relationship between personal spirituality and apostolic activity,
4. Should be able to develop a discerning heart and mind.




Age of the Spirit: the Holy Spirit in the Christian Community

Confirming and Conforming Oneself to Christ (with Ms. Ann Dillon)

presented by Fr. Steve Hurd, SJ
Manresa Ministerial Staff

Reading for Age of the Spirit: the Holy Spirit in the Christian Community:  Traub: Ignatian Spirituality (Gray)



Prayer, Reflection, Action

presented by Fr. Howard Gray, SJ
Manresa Ministerial Staff

Reading: Traub: Contemplation: A Long Loving Look at the Real (Burghardt)



Confirming and Conforming Oneself to Christ 

presented by Ms. Ann Dillon and Fr. Steve Hurd, SJ
Manresa Ministerial Staff

Film presentation of Romero (film available for immediate viewing at Amazon for $2.99)
Discussion & Reflection: John Dear, Oscar Romero and the Nonviolent Struggle for Justice



The Magis

presented by Fr. Gary Wright, SJ


You may pay $120 upon registering, or make a $50 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit and pay the balance when you arrive for the workshop.

You may register for this workshop here or call 248.644.4933.